How-To Webcast Series

How to build video app experiences faster and smarter with Accedo Studio 

Showcasing how content providers can build & manage customized video app experiences across all screens.  

Yi Tang 

Solutions Engineer, Accedo

Charles Yeung 

Senior Product Manager, Accedo

How to build video app experiences faster and smarter

With the rapidly changing video delivery landscape, content providers need to quickly pivot and adapt to evolving content strategies as they arise.  

Today, many compromises on quality and experience to get to market faster, rather than focusing on building ‘smarter’, scaling and monetizing effectively as audiences grow.  

In the webcast, we showcase how video providers can leverage Accedo Studio a powerful UX management platform to transform and grow their video content business as it evolves.  

You will also learn;  

  • How to create and manage dynamic experiences.
  • How to keep your users engaged by continuously refining the app experience without requiring code or resubmissions.