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Virtual Reality Innovation

Virtual Reality Innovation

 August 2016

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly an exciting prospect right now. Investments into VR technology have been immense over the past three years, with all the major tech companies committing hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions to the future immersive experience.

Of course, over recent years we have seen many different innovations hailed as the next big thing and then never truly get off the ground, however I believe the case for VR Video consumption is actually pretty attractive. Compared to gaming, there is a much more limited need for interaction, meaning getting the right content is achievable. And the result is a much more immersive experience for the viewer, unlike anything previously available.

At Accedo, our innovations team has been working on a Virtual Reality project to enable users to interact with content and menu choices within a VR headset. When we started looking at VR pretty much all we knew was that we wanted to build a fully interactive experience, that we did not want to user to have to take off their headset to change to another video or to fiddle around with the settings. After numerous tests and iterations, we found that the user interface should be heavily biased towards the actual content, with actionable items, such as video player controls, menus and lists available to the user in peripheral places, though still within comfortable reach.

The result with our Project Himalaya is a controller-less user interface, full interactivity within the experience, a content-centric layout, and a couch-friendly virtual space. All this means we can provide a meaningful and useful user experience that goes beyond the tempting but often distracting bells and whistles. A user experience that holds up through the the entire football game or through the entire movie. A user experience to power VR video.

We are especially proud that after all this hard work and development, Project Himalaya has been shortlisted in both the CSI Awards, which will be announced on Friday 9th September at IBC; and the Digital TV Europe Content Innovation Awards, to be announced on 16th October in Cannes.

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