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Virtual Reality at Accedo – a trainee’s perspective

 October 2016

Hi everyone! I’m Daniel and I’m part of this year’s trainee team.

It’s now my turn to take that virtual pen and give you some insights on what’s going on here at Accedo.

First I would just like to say – Wow! In case you haven’t already you should immediately jump over and read Anton’s post about IBC. IBC was an awesome kick-start!

Back to this post and speaking of virtual pens – that is close to what I’ve been doing here at Accedo since I started in September.

To give you some background, Accedo has been looking at virtual reality ever since its very beginning. Our innovation team, a dedicated team which constantly looks at what is coming around the corner, together with the design team, launched Project Himalaya  with great success. The project was shortlisted for “Best Virtual Reality Innovation” at the CSI Awards and for “Virtual Reality Initiative of the Year” at Digital TV Europe’s Content Innovation Awards.

And it doesn’t end there.

Now we are, not to give too many secrets away, taking the next step with our VR ideas. If you happen to be at SPORTEL in Monaco this week, you should definitely reach out to my two colleagues, José and Niklas for a demo of our latest and greatest with Project Himalaya and who knows, they might give you a sneak peak into what’s coming next.

Developing this next VR step is my first assignment and has been since IBC. Within a little more than a month I’ve realised that I have learned a lot. A month ago I had never touched  VR before, if you don’t count  last year’s 30-second roller coaster ride in Xian, China. That experience used an early version of the Oculus Rift. and after that close-to-vomit encounter, I must admit that I lost most of my interest and hopes for VR.

But things have changed…

When I got the chance to test VR here at Accedo right after IBC and got to see what an immersive experience VR really could be, it really made me reconsider. Wow!

Everything around VR has taken several steps forward since my experience in Xian – and it isn’t stagnating anytime soon. Niklas wrote recently about the huge investments that are being put into VR technology and two weeks ago, we could see a new player entering the field when Sony released their Playstation VR headset. The week before that we saw Google releasing their new Daydream View headset.

Nowadays I almost live in a VR headset. Something I never would‘ve imagined two months ago.

Getting thrown into cutting-edge projects without any prior experience really thrills me. The same mixed feelings of excitement, confusion and fear as I felt when I heard that I was going to IBC (the most important trade show in our business) on my fifth day at the company, I felt when I was assigned this VR project. And I like it!

Working with new, cutting-edge, technologies and striving for new, better, solutions was the reason I ended up at Accedo. That is what keeps me motivated. That is what I want to do. Starting this trainee program with developing VR – it’s exactly why I am here.

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