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Trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it.

 May 2016

The past weeks I’ve been kept busy helping out potential clients for OTT Flow, making sure they get their applications and train them how to use AppGrid to enable their content. As you might recall OTT Flow is a product that could allow anyone to create their own video service without any development needed. From a technical perspective, this means that we use the same code base, deploying to several different customers. But how can you possibly build, deploy and keep track of several clients using the same application code? I had no idea about all the powerful tools out there for large scale application distribution, but I thought I’d reveal some of these tools here on the blog.

First, we use Jenkins as our continuous integration server. With the click of a button, we are able to build applications remotely, whenever we have a new customer wanting to use the service. That way, we don’t have to rely on individual developers’ knowledge when we need to ship the apps to the customers, which reduces both time and manual labour.

In addition, the mobile applications need to have valid certificates to be able to sign the applications. And once the apps have been built, we need to send it to the customers in an efficient way. For all of this, we use an incredible tool called fastlane to take care of all of that headache for us. We then upload the apps to either TestFlight on iOS or Google Play store for Android, where our customers can distribute the apps internally before they choose to submit their apps for public download.

So why do I tell you all of this? Well, if you’re interested in a career as a mobile developer, these tools are well worth checking out.

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