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Transforming The Video Experience @ CES 2018

Shekhar Vasal, VP, Enterprise, Accedo
 December 2017

The more devices that make their way into our lives the more information that is collected from the performance of our car to the types of indie music we listen to.

With 15 years in Telecom from wireline networks to IOT services and Connected Cars, I get excited for my Telco friends as it will drive the need for better and faster networks to enable the human need to be connected and the business needs to serve customers faster and better.

But, what do we do with all this data? From the smoke alarm in your house to connected pet collar keeping an eye on Rover, how do we make all this data make sense?

Having recently joined Accedo at the end of September to head up our Enterprise business North America, it is clear that Accedo is ideally suited to help our customers visualize and leverage this data to drive truly transformative user experiences.

We have been enabling user experiences through our award-winning video services regardless of whether the device is a watch, computer phone or TV for the past 12 years. Our customers include the leading content owners and brands globally as well as TV service providers of all sizes and shapes.

But with video expected to be 80% of all web traffic in 2018, our Enterprise customers have realized that video can improve their customer support, brand loyalty and both internal and external communications. From creating the first live 360 music streaming service for Deutsche Telekom in Germany, to transforming the video experience for Renfe rail passengers in Spain with Telefonica, to bringing Solomon TV  to life, our cross-industry experience speaks to our ability to help your company leverage the power of video.

With our team of 525+ professionals have established ourselves as the global leader in Video UX / UI, we are now investing heavily in the next step of the user engagement UX / UI which is AR and VR.

AR and VR are set to change the way we engage on a personal and professional level in ways we are only starting to imagine. Now all that data gathered by all those connected devices can be rendered in an easy to consume manner through AR. The repairman has only to look at the malfunctioning airplane engine with his tablet to see gathered data interpreted through virtual icons, stickers, and animation highlighting the problem. Then he can put on his VR goggles to walk through the repair in a virtual environment before attempting the complex task. The possibilities are endless…

We welcome you to join us to learn about how we have helped our customers realize the power of Video, AR, and VR and how we can help your business.

Please join us at CES to see our Accedo One™,  cloud platform that can help grow and transform the video experience for both Media and Enterprise customers. We will also be showcasing our VR technology and welcome you to escape the desert of Las Vegas and ski in the snowy mountains with us.

We look forward to seeing you at CES in Las Vegas. Book your meeting with Accedo @ CES 2018 HERE.

By Shekhar Vasal, VP, Enterprise, Accedo 



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