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Trainee period over – cue real life!

 September 2015

Wow, so the day is finally here when the trainee period has come to an end for me. It has been an intense, yet super-rewarding year full of new experiences and learning’s, meeting people from all over the world in exciting contexts. Getting the chance to work together with people from nearly every department in the company – globally (!) – and learn how they work and what they know (bits and pieces of it, at least) has really sling-shot one’s understanding of our business and the media industry as a whole. From those nitty-gritty details in a particular customer project, to getting the bigger picture of our internal high-level business goals and -model.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my last rotation has been entirely dedicated to the Products department, initially working with the Innovations team on cool new concepts, and then most recently doing full-stack development in AppGrid, one of Accedo’s products. Both parts were extremely educational and gave me different perspectives on what working in a software development team could look like. As an example, working in the Innovations team, was sort of like how I’d imagine working in a startup company. From exploring cool new ideas and concepts, be it working hands on in a virtual reality proof-of-concepts for VOD apps, to investigating a business case for an entirely new domain for the company. AppGrid development on the other hand was more focused on software performance, reliability, maintainability, with cutting-edge technologies as you were working with a cloud product serving 10’s of millions of devices each month.

Anyway, armed with tons of new insights, knowledge and business contacts (and friends!) I now venture on in my new position here at Accedo as Product Specialist for AppGrid. In this role, I will work side by side with the AppGrid development team, doing actual development myself, while also working together with the people and projects actually using AppGrid. This is super exciting for me, as I’ve always wanted to be that sort of “spider in the net”-guy, helping people work together effectively.

So, with that said, me, Nicolas and Niklas are passing over the “Trainee torch” to the next batch of trainees: Oscar Hallström, Gustav Norén and Jiawei Zhang. They are all highly talented people, fresh out of university (Linköping University and KTH), so we are all very excited to have them on board! In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to start reading about them and their experiences here on the blog. If you are interested in joining Accedo, either for your master thesis, or perhaps interested in applying for next year’s trainee program or would like to find out more about our open positions, visit our Career Pages!

Finally, Thanks for reading!

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