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Our Top 4 Predictions for the Future of TV Authentication

Our Top 4 Predictions for the Future of TV Authentication

 November 2018

By Steve Chung, iOS Team Lead, Accedo

It is clear it needs a shake-up, but what will that look like? Here are our top 4 predictions for the future of TV Authentication:

  1. Connecting Services

Eventually the services will have to have one master password that gives the consumer access to all video services on that device. This means competing services will have to accept being linked together and it is up to the platform operators to simply make that a requirement.

  1. Biometrics will Feature more Heavily

Biometrics have become widely used and accepted for accessing mobile devices so it is only a matter of time before the technology winds its way onto TV devices. The biggest barriers yet to overcome are cost, but we will see that come down over the next few years and privacy concerns. It may be that for TV authentication, biometric layering will become commonplace, where consumers will be measured using two or more values.

  1. The Power of Voice

Some content providers are already introducing voice-enabled services, whereby consumers can access the content they want with voice commands. One example is Channel 4’s All 4 service on Google Home. This makes getting straight to the content much easier without the need to navigate an app. Voice authentication is a long way off because there isn’t a service provider to make it possible. However, it is undoubtedly an interesting area and I do see a future where that will become more commonplace. 

  1. One Device to Rule them All

The ultimate for TV authentication will be smart home authentication. This is likely a few years away yet, but eventually consumers may use one device to login and then have access to everything in the home, from the fridge to the TV. Naturally this means that security needs to be watertight so the way in which that login happens will likely involve biometric layering or some other very secure way of accessing the system.

Essentially the end goal is to give the consumers as seamless an experience as possible, whereby authentication is virtually invisible while remaining extremely secure. From the consumer point of view, they just want to sit down and watch the content they want when and where they want it.

To find out more about the power of voice, download our whitepaper here. Or meet us at CES to hear how we are shaping the future of video experiences.

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