Content is king, but having flexible and extensible software platforms to deliver today’s TV and video content is crucial. This is especially vital considering the pace at which the TV and video entertainment market is evolving. All this means that video providers wanting to stay relevant and compelling are having to input significant and continued technology investments, coupled with continuous monitoring and assessment of systems and processes. It is naturally about staying competitive, but also ensuring manageable operational costs, and in order to achieve both of those things, video providers need to find the right balance between buying or building an end-to-end video solution.

I personally think that too many video providers look to other companies rather than making a proper analysis of what they need. Decisions are made based on the personal opinions of managers as to whether “it is of strategic importance to create the competence internally” or whether “to focus on the core business and outsource the technology”.

In my experience, getting it right is about asking the right questions, considering the current market dynamics and the transformation of the video experience, and from there making a decision. Based on that analysis, it is possible to make a proper strategic business case and a long term analysis of what is the best strategy. Even more importantly, this exercise automatically forces the organisation to set up clear objectives which are business driven instead of being based on a certain manager’s personal gut feeling.

Some vendors in the industry have strong opinions of either of these strategies. At Accedo, we believe that the best approach of buy vs build will depend on the provider and will have to take into account a number of factors. Accedo’s consulting team provides advice to customers on the best approach, and since we’ve worked with companies with both extreme build strategies and buy strategies, we believe that we’re in a unique position to be able to help video providers with that decision. To give a teaser of possible reasoning, we have put together a white paper covering some of the initial questions. This can be downloaded here.

This week, we are also teaming up with Videonet to deliver a webinar on this topic. We will be joined by a fantastic panel on Tuesday 10th January at 3pm GMT. For more details or to register, please check out the Videonet site here.