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The Lifecycle of an OTT Solution in Latin America

Paloma Santucci
 April 2017

Since 2011, the Latin American OTT Industry has been heavily driven by Netflix. OTT video has exploded over the past years, with more and more services launching, such as YouTube, Globo Play, Looke, Cinepolis, Esporte Interativo, Claro Video, Net Now 2.0, FOX Play, Telecine Play, and Globosat Play, amongst others. These services are giving Latin American video lovers a great range of options for the content they want to watch.

There is also a huge market for niche content providers and we are seeing video services emerging from everything from  to schools and universities, as well as small content providers and publishers, and everything in-between. They are investing in video production and launching their own services directly to the consumers.

For service providers and content owners, OTT is not only an attractive offering, but a necessary route in order to remain competitive. Besides having good content and a great user experience, one of the most important keys to keeping the OTT solution competitive is the lifecycle of the product.

Having already invested a lot of money to build the solution, content providers should be considering how to make ongoing changes to the service to keep up with an ever-evolving market and consumer appetite. However, many don’t consider the ongoing updates needed and I can count on one hand how many providers are doing this.

That is where solutions, such as Videa come in. As a global cloud-based platform, it gives providers the power to build, deliver, and manage high-performing video services on multi-screen devices. With all this power, the content provider could control and maintain the lifecycle of the apps at least for 2-3 years. To find out more about how Videa can help deliver engaging and dynamic video services, come and see us at NexTV India this week.

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