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The Journey Continues

 October 2015

I am now one month into my assignment at Professional Services in Stockholm, and though I am still trying to get a grip of how everything works, I am gaining both confidence and experience by the day. After going through the initial training material, I was assigned some customer support issues, which was quite a challenge, since it involves both finding the issue and coming up with a solution for it. With a lot of support from my team leader I managed to both find the bug and fix it (yay!). The last two weeks things have started to pick up, and I am now diving head first into a new and exciting project!

What I really wanted to highlight with this is the helpful and supporting culture that exists at Accedo. Although people have a lot to do, whenever I get stuck on something people never hesitate to help out. As trainees we are also assigned a mentor, which is quite a privilege for a newcomer. The mentors are more senior persons who are able to guide us with a lot of useful experience that we ourselves are yet to acquire, and it’s extremely valuable to have someone who can answer the questions (almost) no one else knows the answers to.

My mentor is one of Accedes founders, Fredrik Andersson and this week we had our first regular meeting, which will be recurring throughout the year. In these meetings, we will discuss several different topics, both short term and long term. This week we mainly discussed my short term plan, including my learning goals for my time at professional services. However, at our coming meeting we will talk about how I could shape my career at Accedo, based on both my personality (we also get to do a personality test), interests and Accedes overall company strategy.

Speaking of strategy, today all three trainees have a lunch meeting with our CEO Michael Lantz to learn more about Accedo’s strategy. I’m eager to hear more about why we exist as a company, and how we can contribute to our continued evolvement!

Gustav is ready to discuss Accedo’s strategy over some huge lunch sandwiches!


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