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The Birth of Accedo One™ – Delivering the Ultimate Video Experience Platform

Mano Kulasingam
 September 2017

This week you may have seen our announcement about Accedo One™. In case you missed it, it is a brand new cloud platform we are launching at IBC, to help our customers grow and transform the video experience. I, for one, am really excited about its potential.

It has been born out of the changing market dynamics and the need for flexibility from video solutions. Over recent years we have witnessed a massive shift in the media industry, with content providers faced with new challenges in today’s increasingly competitive market. Fierce competition means that providers are looking to provide unique, engaging experiences that capture viewers’ attention, while also developing effective strategies for monetizing their digital content.

Another thing that has become apparent over recent months is that content providers are changing. Over recent years we have seen other players delivering content over-the-top, including content distributors, such as Netflix and Hulu, and multi-channel networks. What we are seeing now is not only do we have a vastly differing range of companies delivering video for entertainment, we are suddenly seeing brands and digital marketers using video to engage audiences in a way simply not done before. We have worked with a number of brands recently to develop OTT video services, such as the one recently launched by Salomon.

Crucially what this means is that the industry needs to shift its focus to properly address the pressing needs of today’s content providers. It’s no longer enough to simply build services that house content across multiple devices. Today’s video services should be intelligent and flexible enough to adapt and scale to the shifting content and monetization strategies of providers. It is also about being ready to embrace innovation and new video platforms, such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

To find out more about the components that make up Accedo One or to discuss our rationale behind its launch, pop by our booth (14.E14) at IBC or book a meeting with us –



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