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Team Dynamics at Accedo

 November 2016


My name is Simon and I started the Trainee Program here at Accedo the 1st of September this year. This blog post will be focused on what I’ve been doing so far, my impressions of Accedo and an insight into Accedo’s team dynamics.

Day one started with me being assigned to the Accedo AppGrid Core Team. Previous to my employment at Accedo I had only been working on smaller software projects during my University studies but before I started at Accedo I already had a feeling of how big the Accedo AppGrid project was. But let me tell you it did not stop me from feeling overwhelmed at the beginning! There were so many components working together, so many new technologies to dive into, so many different parts to consider when working on the project. These parts all lead into the main topic of this blog post: Team Dynamics.

I’m not sure team dynamics is a good term for what I will write about here, so let me first give an explanation of what my definition of team dynamics is. Team dynamics, to me, is the way that a team works together, the way a team communicates and the way a team tries to improve their own processes. In short, all team related activities and communications.

Team dynamics, by my definition, seems to have a great deal of importance at Accedo. From my first day onwards I have never been hesitant to ask questions about anything that I am either curious about, don’t know much about, or questions related to the work that I’m doing. Improvements of various processes and any issues that have arisen are discussed regularly. All the work that is done by developers is reviewed by some of the other team members, this gives a good sense of not being solely responsible for work that you do, but still maintain the nice feeling of having a place of importance.

So what are some things at Accedo that facilitate team dynamics? Here’s a summarised list:

  • Everyone working with the development of Accedo AppGrid is seated in the same area. We even have the product managers and the dedicated Accedo AppGrid QA in the same area. This allows for easy and fast communication with all the project members.
  • Questions are never frowned upon or considered stupid, they are encouraged. You are free to ask anything that you don’t understand or anything that you are curious about.
  • There are retrospective meetings where the past sprints are discussed and improvements of various project related topics can be discussed.
  • Work that you do will be reviewed and examined by others.
  • There is a strong focus on continuously improving both the work that we do and the way that we do that work.

My impressions from working at Accedo so far are nothing but great. The working environment suits me very well and I always feel like I am contributing to the team even though I am far more junior than the other team members. I am learning new things every day and this is, to me, one of the most important aspect of any work that you do. When you feel like you’re becoming better at what you’re doing as time passes, you get a great sense of achievement.

Time has gone by so fast since I started here at Accedo, it feels like two weeks have gone by when in reality two months have passed already! I’m really looking forward to the rest of my journey as a Trainee at Accedo and I am excited to be in such an interesting position.

Until next time!


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