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Taking on the smart TV

 June 2016

Hi, Gustav back with a quick update before I go on my four day weekend to enjoy the nice weather here in Stockholm (thanks to a little vacation and Sweden’s National Day on Monday)! It has now been some time since I joined the support team and I really feel that even though I’m learning a lot  all the time, I have also managed to integrate into the daily processes and everyday work. Within the continuous tasks there is also plenty of new stuff and technology for me to learn and try out. The other day for instance I had my first task working with a Samsung smart TV. I’ve purposely kept to the more widespread platforms like web and mobile until now, but it was time to get some more insight into Smart TV applications too. First of all you will need a, usually huge (40”+), physical device on/by your desk to perform you development and testing properly. You will also need to have the right brand and year of the TV since smart TV’s in general have a release cycle based on years, aside from firmware updates, rather than the traditional 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc. It was just a minor task I handled but I found it interesting to learn how to set up the dev environments and connect to the TV from my computer. In the future I think I will most likely stick to other platforms but you never know if I’ll end up working with smart TVs or STB again here at Accedo! I think that it is useful to at least know a little bit about what all the different platforms are capable of since our products and services are often truly multi platform!

The weather here in Stockholm is really shaping up and it feels like summer. We recently got some nice furniture for our balcony at the Stockholm office which is greatly appreciated with this weather. I’ve enjoyed several lunches and some after work relaxing with my colleagues already and I imagine I’ll spend quite some time out there during the summer!

All the best and have a nice weekend




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