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Taking a Leap of Faith

 May 2016

“Buenos Días, muy bienvenidos a esta sesión…”

Someone had found out that I speak Spanish, and all of a sudden I found myself hosting a training session for AppGrid for a potential client – in Spanish! A pretty bizarre experience given that I’ve never used my Spanish skills in a professional context before. This got me thinking (again) about Accedo’s corporate values, and how they really can translate in to my everyday life. Looking back at it, I think these are the kind of situations I always strive for to grow both professionally and personally, and it’s only natural I work in a company that supports me in that.

Luckily I did my Erasmus exchange year in Spain (something I encourage everyone to do, if you get the chance), so I could be confident that I would understand more or less what was going on on the other end. But hosting a training? Then I really must have a bit of courage to throw myself in there. And Accedo must really trust me to let me do this. I was given the trust to try out something new, and to me that’s the best way to keep enjoying my work, and to keep evolving. Oh and by the way – I’d say that’s Aspiration. 😉

So if you also think courage, trust and aspiration apply to you, I think you would enjoy working with us!


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