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Strategies for the development of multiplatform business in Latin America

 November 2016

This week, I’ll be at NexTV CEO Latin America. Latin America is an interesting market for the TV landscape right now and we are seeing fierce competition between the OTT providers, such as Netflix, and the incumbent TV operators. Indeed, a new report by Digital TV Research states that Netflix will lead the pack for the foreseeable future, with 16.65 million subscribers by 2021. However, it is the incumbent providers that will follow on its heels and they do still have a number of advantages compared to the likes of Netflix, especially when it comes to the local knowledge and regionalised content.

At NexTV, I’ll be joining a panel to discuss the transformation of the pay TV business. As well as discussing how pay TV operators can migrate to content aggregators, we will be looking at whether they can deploy Pay TV services outside of the network using the OTT model. The impact of millennials and changing consumption habits is naturally a major consideration for providers across the globe. In case you missed it, check out our recent research into this area, where we looked at the different habits of digital newcomers compared to digital natives.

I will also be hosting a session at the end of the show to offer advice to Spanish companies on strategies for the development of a multi-platform business in Latin America. The recent Olympics coverage shows just how much of an appetite there is for mobile video in the region, where 55 million smartphones followed the event. Indeed, 64% of digital viewers across the region used a smartphone. The Claro Sports app from América Móvil was responsible for a huge amount of that, with 91 million videos watched through the app. As the rise of consumer demand for viewing on multiple platforms increases, providers will need to ensure they can meet that demand in order to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

On Wednesday evening, we are also excited to be hosting the gala dinner, so I hope to see many of you there for a good start to the show!

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