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Stepping out of the office

 May 2016

Hi! Jiawei is here again with a short update on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit.

This week I attended Amazon’s AWS Summit 2016 here in Stockholm, designed to educate new customers about the AWS platform and offer existing customers deep technical content to be more successful with AWS. More than a thousand developers/sysadmins/managers attended the summit. The event started with a (verr…r…r…y long) keynote introducing the existing and upcoming services by the Chief Technical Evangelist (cool title, huh?) from Amazon. In addition, there were some entrepreneurs from Nordic companies sharing their success stories with AWS. If we have a look at the market of Cloud Computing, most companies (including Accedo) are using AWS to build their web application, services or platforms. Gone are the days a LAMP stack running on a single server. With the trend of big data, building distributed systems are more and more popular than ever before. After the opening session, there were many alternative sessions targeting different tech fields including IoT, Mobile, Big Data, etc. I spent the rest of the day in some of them, namely “Deep Dive on Amazon EC2”, “Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS” and “Deep Dive on Microservices and Amazon ECS”. Besides AWS Summit, I also attended a New Relic workshop this week, which was very helpful for me to get a better understanding of how to use it to monitoring the applications and servers.

It was great to have the opportunities to step out the office to learn something new (and enjoy the nice weather 🙂 ). I am very happy to work in a company that encourages me to attend these events as they enhance my knowledge and keep me updated on new ideas and technologies that I am less familiar with. Interacting with people from different companies with various backgrounds helps me to think out of the box, which makes me more creative in my own position. If you have time to attend events like the AWS Summit, do not be lazy, you will benefit more than you expect (Also, you are likely to receive nice gifts from these cool companies. For example, Github Octocat sticker… (see picture)).


Summer has finally reached Stockholm! Enjoy your weekend with the nice weather!


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