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Starting my career

 September 2015

Hello, this is Jiawei again. It has been nearly a month since I joined Accedo.. Time flies!

The three of us current trainees are only the second Accedo Trainee generation, so let me start by telling you a little more about the program set-up . My appreciation of the trainee program is primarily due to two things: “Rotation” and “Mentorship”.
Rotation means that during the trainee program, I will rotate among different departments within the company. (To find examples of this in practice, seen an earlier post from Emil, from last years trainee batch). Rotation really offers a chance to familiarize myself with the company via practical work in different departments in parallel to quickly being introduced to a variety of advanced technologies from the industry in different fields. It also gives me the chance to make friends with people throughout the whole company, not just within a certain department.

Mentorship means that I have been assigned a senior person within the company to advise me and inspire my personal development at this critical starting point in my career. My mentor is Fredrik Sandberg (VP Products). To be honest, I am very excited and happy to have a mentor with a background within product development, especially as I am so passionate about technologies.

On a more personal note I have reflected on some cultural differences between Sweden and China. One of the first lessons I have learned during this month is that “everyone is encouraged to ask questions”. It is not only a good way to get involved in the work but also a good way to learn new knowledge from others. So, if you, like me, are considering working for a Swedish company for the first time – do not be shy. Here, teamwork and knowledge sharing are always encouraged, and are seen as developmental for companies, the country even.

Until next time!

Picture: Me + The Product Team
From left to right:
Erik Pålsson, Emil Bergwik, Raphael Duhayon, Marko Helin, Bharath Kumar, Artem Gryn, Jiawei Zhang(me), Claes Mogren, Martyna Petrosiute

P.S. I have just received my life’s first salary (Yeah!~~). I would like to share my happiness with you. It is really a special feeling when you receive your first salary. So, please do not hesitate, come join us and experience this feeling, here with us at Accedo.

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