Working with partners to bring the power of video to new markets & verticals.

Market-Centric Solutions

From Broadcast to Sports...

Accedo has launched solutions with partners like AWS, Brightcove, Google & Jump TV, bringing together diverse technologies to meet the needs of different markets & audiences. We’re excited to be working on the next generation of solutions, leveraging technologies like Voice, Augmented & Reality and machine-learning to redefine the user experience.


Accedo has over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s best-known broadcasters, helping them deliver high quality, engaging, multi-screen video services. 

Content Providers

Leverage our award-winning OTT Flow platform to deliver a D2C experience quickly and cost-effectively. Give your viewers the premium OTT experience they expect with fast playback from the industry’s leading player.

Digital Marketers & Brands

Companies are increasingly turning to video to help them engage and retain their customers. Accedo has spent 10 years helping the biggest names in Media & Entertainment deliver amazing services. We’re excited to bring what we’ve learnt to brands and digital market

Pay TV Operators

Pay TV is unique in its need for many more integration points than other services. Building a service in this arena means considering integration with existing infrastructure, including subscriber management, storage & distribution systems. 


Our mission is to provide a technology platform that ensures the ambitions of service providers can match the dedication and passion of their audience – the fans