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 September 2013

SiOL and Accedo partner to bring gaming services to the slovenian iptv market

Ljubljana – March 20, 2007 – Accedo Broadband, a leading provider of TV-centric applications distributed over broadband, and SiOL, the leading ISP in Slovenia, have made an agreement that will bring games into the SiOL TV product.

The service includes games, quizzes and puzzles such as e.g. Black Jack, and Sudoku. All games all are fully localized to the Slovenian market and available to all users of SiOL’s IPTV solution.

The Accedo Application Portfolio” is presently the largest available collection of interactive value-added services such as games, karaoke on demand, weather, puzzles, horoscope, quizzes and Video Art for IPTV.

SiOL is the largest ISP in Slovenia with a growing base of broadband subscribers. Its offerings include true Triple Play bundles, which consist of internet, telephony and television services. Besides being an ISP with a broad array of other services, like web creation tools, hosting, tailored IM applications etc., SiOL was among the first in the region to offer IPTV to its users. Since 2003 SiOL has steadily monitored ongoing IPTV trends and services, constantly broadening its channel scheme and improving the user experience. With a clear focus on interactivity and blending of once very different services, integrating a games portal on IPTV is a logical and natural step towards a rich, compelling and interactive content environment. The IPTV service will be further enhanced by improved user interface and an Electronic Program Guide.

“We are thrilled to offer SiOL’s customers this interactive, unique content, which will enable SiOL to distinguish themselves from the competition.”, says Fredrik Andersson, VP Business Development. “We believe that Slovenia is a very interesting market and that SiOL, who has pioneered the IPTV development, will be a great partner for us to work with.”

Accedo Broadband and SiOL are planning continuous collaboration on gaming and other future interactive applications in order to secure the market leadership

“We were impressed by the Accedo Application Portfolio” and their technical provisioning solution which enabled us to launch the game service in a very short time. It is our belief that such dynamic and interactive content will guide the future of TV as we know it. As a leading ISP we are determined to be an integral part of this shift”, says Bojan Amon at SiOL.

SiOL is the largest Internet Service Provider in Slovenia and is entirely owned by local telecom incumbent Telekom Slovenije. Its primal services include dialup and broadband internet access, where latter are an integral part of true Triple Play services. Service bundles therefore inlcude also telephony and television services. SiOLs core services are accompanied by a wide variety of internet services like web hosting, content-management solutions, media hosting & streaming, e-commerce and others. Its current customer base includes around 145.000 ADSL users, of which 20.000 of them regulary use VoIP and the same number of them is accustomed to an advanced television solution SiOL provides. The company is based in Slovenias capital Ljubljana.

For further information about SiOL and its services please visit

Accedo is a leading aggregator of interactive content and applications for IPTV and broadband enabled consumer electronics. Accedo provides the largest available multi-platform portfolio of IPTV applications, Accedo Application Portfolio”, containing e.g. IPTV games, quizzes, puzzles, video art, comics, karaoke, weather and communication. Accedo offers a non-branded turnkey solution compatible with most IPTV platforms including a provisioning solution managed and run by Accedo which saves resources and reduces investment needs for the service provider.

Accedo is a privately held company founded by telecom and media entrepreneurs Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson. Accedo has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK.

To learn more about Accedo Broadband and the Accedo Application Portfolio please visit

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