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Singapore Plays Host to Accedo APAC FY17/18 Sales Kick Off

 March 2017

After company incorporation back in December 2015, Accedo Singapore has had a chance, to grow, learn, deliver and in February 2017 we hosted the APAC management team and the chief executive Michael Lantz in a two day strategic planning session for FY17/18.

Reflecting back on the past 14 months, we’ve achieved a lot. At the time of establishing the company in Singapore, we initially took a couple of seats in a vibrant co-working space called ‘The Working Capitol’ in the now trendy Keong Saik district of Singapore just outside the CBD. The Working Capitol is home to some of Singapore’s hottest startups, creative and tech companies all alongside Accedo Singapore which was a great setting for the planning session and a great environment for the Singapore team to operate in.

During 2016, we grew from two seats, to a 4-pax space, to an 8-pax space and then into a custom designed 16-pax space in the heart of The Working Capitol. We had over one thousand applicants for the 12 engineering slots we filled during the year and we are now also pleased to have the head of Accedo Consulting APAC in the office with us as well; Sushant Sharma.  The Singapore team is strong and diverse with a broad set of application development skill, consulting, sales and UX skills hailing from 9 different countries in Asia and the rest of the world!

The opportunity in Asia Pacific and in South East Asia in particular couldn’t be more exciting.  Singapore is seated at the centre of 600million people that make up the ‘Association of South East Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) who in rapidly increasing numbers are turning to an ever-growing plethora of connected devices for their video needs. There is no shortage of opportunities for media companies, telco’s and pure play OTT operators in the region and we’re right here to help and guide them through the transformation of video consumption.

If you work in an Accedo office in another part of the world and fancy bringing your skills to South East Asia, get in contact – we’ve got a fantastic team in Singapore and at the same time encourage international mobility at Accedo.  If you don’t work for Accedo and you’re passionate about Video, UX, software development, technology or simply working in an innovative company in an industry being disrupted by digital transformation – also get in touch. We’re growing the team.

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