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Running a responsible digital business

Michael Lantz
 June 2017

In an ever more globalised and interconnected world, it is increasingly important for business leaders to consider the impact the company has on the world. Of course, the considerations for a software company like Accedo are fundamentally different than for example oil companies or a retail companies, but will still need to be considered. I’m excited to have been invited as one of the keynote speakers at the Responsible Business Summit 2017 to discuss sustainable-centric digital business models in a modern world.

At Accedo, one of our core values is “Trust”, which, in my opinion, embodies the essence of creating a sustainable business. We’re building our business by establishing trust between our customers and us as a vendor. We’re aiming for long term relationships where both parties are successful. In the same way, a multinational company like Accedo with offices in 15 countries need to establish trustworthy relationships with employees, governments and local business partners to be successful as a company.

However, while it is relatively easy for Accedo to make sure we operate in a sustainable way, a B2B software vendor like Accedo will have its greatest impact on the world through its customers. Most of our customers are building sustainable businesses aiming for long consumer relationships through video services. It is Accedo’s responsibility to help them achieve their objectives.

I see three main challenges for a video centric service provider. First and foremost, it’s about ensuring data privacy for consumers. While it is a holy grail for companies to track consumer behaviour to improve monetisation prospects from those consumers, it is of vital importance to make sure that consumers understand what they’re signing up to and that data is only used for the approved purposes. Secondly, it is key for service providers to protect consumer rights to terminate registrations and subscriptions. Many companies in the video industry are new to subscription services, and need to spend time and resources to make it possible to discontinue relationships with them. Thirdly, video service providers have the responsibility of ensuring industry compliance of digital rights to the videos. A range of rights owners need to get royalty payments in the right amount and at the right time. A responsible handling of content and creative rights is the foundation of the entire video industry.

Accedo’s products and solutions bring new types of video services to more and more consumers in increasingly efficient and innovative ways, adding value to both our customers and the consumers. Everyone appreciates choice and competition, and with more video services available, billions of consumers will be offered new ways of consuming entertainment and information in the future. We are all excited about this market evolution, but the entire industry needs to pursue the growth opportunities in a sustainable way.

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