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Representing Accedo

 November 2015

Hi, Oscar is back!

This Tuesday, Deloitte revealed its Fast 50 list, and Accedo is on it for the sixth consecutive year, which is quite amazing! To celebrate this, and all the other interesting companies on the list, Deloitte invited us to celebrate this achievement. Accedo was represented by myself, Gustav, the former trainee (and blogger) Emil, and our CEO, Michael Lantz.

Apart from a really good buffet and some interesting chats, Duncan Stewart, Director of Research at Deloitte, held a presentation sharing some predictions for 2016. Not only did he foresee a couple of things he thought would take off, but he also beat down others that will inevitably fail (my favourite – the wifi kettle).

One sad fact pointed out by Stewart was the low number of women working with IT. Not only are the numbers themselves depressing, but worse is there is pretty much no sign of progress in the area at all. I believe we all need to work on changing this, and that it has to start by creating an interest already at an early age. Or as Duncan put it – if no girls choose to study IT in school, they probably won’t at university either, which of course makes it even more difficult to find women applying for IT jobs.

Speaking of jobs in IT – Accedo will attend Linkdagarna at Linköping University on November 26th, and we look forward to meeting female students and sharing possible opportunities to pursue careers within Accedo. To find out more, visit our booth for a coffee or visit our career site:

Accedo ended up at an honourable 21st place!

That’s all on my mind today – enjoy your weekend!


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