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Remote teams

 February 2016

Three weeks have now passed since I got back to Stockholm from my trip to our Hong Kong office. Since then I have continued (and will for the coming months) working with a team based in Hong Kong. And being the only member of this team currently based in Stockholm has been quite challenging but also a good learning experience. Accedo being a global company with now as many as 16 offices around the world makes working long distance and across time zones an everyday challenge for many of our employees (including me now!). This has made me work more independently during these past weeks than what I’ve perhaps been used to. But thanks to tools like Skype with calls and screen sharing the distances can be made to feel quite small and the level of contact and collaboration kept high (as much as the time zones allow anyway). And of course the colleagues at whatever office I’m currently at are also available to support if needed. But with that being said it still feels that it will be good for me to work more closely with the team when I return to Hong Kong this Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it! As an extra bonus it will be nice to get out of the gloomy weather currently in Sweden 🙂

But it’s not all bad here! I managed to be in Sweden for the best day in February: Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday). This is where we in Sweden eat the traditional Swedish semla. And of course the office gathered to partake in this noble tradition.


Semlor up for grabs!


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