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re:Invent 2022

DATE: Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2022
Las Vegas, NV
AWS Sports (Caesars Forum Main Hall)

Xtend Sports Solution

The Accedo Xtend Sports Solution, powered by AWS, is compatible with most AR and VR headsets. The product enables rights holders and broadcasters to effortlessly create powerful immersive experiences for fans using existing web-based applications. 

Video Shopping

We see an opportunity to create a seamless shopping experience for your fans to purchase the assets you advertised while still interacting with your brand.

Fans shopping during a sports match.
A tv capturing a sports game

Social Watching

We see an opportunity to augment the game experience by creating a social and interactive space where your brand can engage with fans. 

Local expertise,
global support.

Our expert team has a deep and unbiased understanding of the video ecosystem and is perfectly positioned to help you expand and evolve your service.









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