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Reinvent – Transform – Shine @ IBC 2018 With Accedo

Reinvent – Transform – Shine @ IBC 2018 With Accedo

Vanessa Vigar, Head of Marketing
 September 2018

Our focus this year is all about helping media companies shine. Sounds nice, but why is it important?

Reinvention – Media companies are reinventing their business models to survive. Many are taking their TV and video services 100% OTT. Great examples are two very different customers of ours, StarHub in Singapore, with its recent launch of the StarHub Go Streaming Box using the Accedo Studio Pay TV Android TV Launcher and FunBox in Vietnam, with its impending launch across multiple platforms and devices, powered by OTT Flow X.

Transformation – The video marketplace has never been so competitive. Acceding to Hunter Sappington, research analyst at Parks Associates, “(OTT) Growth is slowing, and the market is reaching the point of saturation.”  By leveraging new innovations around AI, voice, VR and AR, forward-thinking media companies such as our customers ITV, Channel 4 and Telekom, are transforming their video experiences to attract new audiences and keep those they already have, loyal.

What’s On @ Accedo – Hall 14. E10?

New! Service Management and Data-Driven Video solutions

NEW! innovations to monetize AR, VR, AI and Voice controlled services

NEW! Success stories of our customers, including those from Mediaset, Globo, Starhub, Telstra, Channel 4 and Telefonica and

Award Winner! Accedo One℠ video experience platform and our suite of products

We also have an action-packed line up of activities on and off stand with partners including Google, Amazon Web Services, Akamai, Oculus, Roku and the IBC What Caught My Eye team.  Here is the calendar to add to your IBC planning.

Accedo is a must see at this year’s IBC and we look forward to helping you shine. Be sure to book time with us today.

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