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 March 2016

Hi! Oscar is back, and with a big announcement – we’re now recruiting for Accedo’s Trainee program 2016-17!

About a year ago, I was finishing my academic studies and though I was sure I wanted to work within the IT industry, I had no idea what I actually wanted to work with. Should I devote myself to becoming a Software Developer, and with which technologies? Or should I go into Project management, or even Sales? As a Trainee here at Accedo, I get a unique opportunity to get hands on experience in areas I probably wouldn’t have come into contact with for several years to come if I had commenced my career in a “regular” position.

And perhaps the best part about being a trainee is the network you build up during the year. By working closely with people from several different areas of the company, I can really see the benefits of getting multiple perspectives on how we work towards our common goals. Working at Accedo is not only fun professionally though. Last week we had a table hockey tournament at the office after work, and though I didn’t win it was great fun!

If you, like me a year ago, aren’t sure of what exactly you want to work with, but still want to kick-start your career by trying a few things on the road to makingg that decision, visit our career site application page and tell us a bit about yourself. And in case you’ve missed it, after you’ve applied I think you should head straight to Netflix and binge-watch the latest season of House of Cards!

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