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 February 2016

This week we had a visit from Pepp ( and we helped them with a teambuilding day with several sessions on team dynamics and project management. Pepp was founded by a number of female students at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The purpose of their organisation is to highlight role models and potential career paths within engineering for girls.

Our industry has historically been challenged by the small number of females pursuing higher education within IT and Technology, and the Pepp initiative is an effort to encourage a change. Pepp runs a mentorship program between university students and female upper secondary students, organises field trips to businesses in the industry and more, to create engagement and interest.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend any of the sessions myself but from what I’ve heard it was a success, and I am proud to see that Accedo is doing our best to encourage a diverse workforce! So first of all, go to and find out more about this awesome initiative!

As I’ve tried my best to learn everything one could ever need to know about iOS development during the last couple of weeks, I also wanted to share one of my favourite resources. If you just like me always (well, almost) wanted to be able to make apps from scratch, this lecture series is a perfect place to start!

This is what fills my desk nowadays!

The lecture series covers everything from the very basics to some really cool features that come built in to iOS, and just by following the lectures I feel a lot more confident and more inspired than ever to get to the nitty gritty stuff!

Here’s the link: Enjoy!


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