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Putting Down the Remote: TV through Google Home and Alexa

Putting Down the Remote: TV through Google Home and Alexa

 May 2018

by Vitali Soroka and Bernice Lee

Through initiatives that will open new pathways of content discovery and consumption, exploration into this brave new world introduces a whole new level of convenience, ease-of-use, accessibility, and delight. We are developing technology that could connect voice assistant devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa to any of our video applications on any given platform.

The gateway to viewing content TV has always been tied to one point of access: a remote control that alone communicates to your device. The input method is a limited set of buttons that require the user to translate what they want into a much simpler set of instructions for devices to interpret. In an era with Smart TVs where convenience sets the pace, the home assistance device is essentially the new smart remote control.

The humanization of voice-enabled home assistants not only vastly expands the variety of input commands, but also takes these commands and translates them to the human level. The element of artificial intelligence from trusted brands serves to make this kind of human-computer interactions even more efficient and easily accepted.

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