Accedo One - the Enterprise Video Platform

Business Intelligence

Benefit from an aggregated display of your service analytics to help you make better decisions, faster.

Give your end-users a service optimised to their needs , based on realtime data and analytics.

Know what your best content is. Base your content strategy around what your users are telling you they like.


Connect your services to other technologies in the Accedo One ecosystem to build customer-centric video solutions.

Your operations get more complex as you expand your OTT business. Take the brakes off your growth and eliminate inefficiency with a platform as robust as it is nimble. Accedo One is already serving billions of request globally.

You drive change and lead innovation. You break the boundaries of video consumption. And you’re getting off the ground or need to improve. Move faster with a customizable platform that evolve as fast as you do.


Manage your video experiences and deliver the right experience to the right viewers at the right time.

Safely roll out content and configuration changes to live apps on the fly without coding or re-submitting to the app stores so that you reduce risk and adapt faster.

Remote configuration allows you to build and customize your apps for your audiences by serving regional markets with tailored content.

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