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Hello world!

 February 2015

Hello world! Suiting first words for a new blog at a software development company. My name is Emil Bergwik, and I am part of the trainee program at Accedo for 2014-15.  I finished my studies at Linköping University back in 2014, receiving my M.Sc. in International Software Engineering (Civilingenjör Informationsteknologi in Swedish) as part of a collaboration between Linköping University and Harbin Institute of Technology in China.

My first involvement with Accedo dates back to almost exactly one year ago (as of writing this), when I started my thesis work here. During that time, I investigated a potential integration of the Google Chromecast technology and its underlying connectivity protocol, DIAL (Discovery And Launch) into one of Accedo’s existing products. It was exciting times, mixing development, report writing, design, architectural work, meetings and even managing to squeeze in two field trips (one of them going to London to meet Google and discussing the then newly announced Chromecast).

After that, I started my trainee period after coming back from the summer holidays in September 2014, doing my first rotation at the Professional Services team at Accedo. This meant working for four intense months on a big and very cool customer implementation, namely the Sky Deutschland applications Sky Online and Snap by Sky on the Sky Roku box (read more about it here). The project was a huge success for Sky as well as Accedo and a big, rewarding experience for me as part of the development team. During this first quarter of 2015, I have moved on to new, exciting territories in my new role as part of the Presales- and Sales team. For me, this is uncharted water as I’m exploring topics such as solution proposals; pricing models; lead generation; and other sales- and presales-related activities.

During this coming year, I will share with you some stories on what I’m up to, what’s happening in Accedo as well as the industry and other topics. Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will talk a little bit about how I landed my job at a company such as Accedo, and share some tips on what to think of, if you happen to end up in the same situation as me.

See you next time!

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