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Customized Solutions For Pay TV
Reach New Audiences by Launching Branded OTT Services

With full support for Broadcast Linear channels, launch OTT services to deliver content to new audiences.

Scale Service Velocity Without Sacrificing Quality

Effortlessly update UI across all devices and platforms without flashing Set Top Boxes or resubmitting to the app store.

Engage Existing Subscribers with a Middleware Independent UI Solution

Leverage existing Set Top Boxes to launch sophisticated UI without middleware updates.

Dynamic UI across all platforms Use Accedo Studio Pay TV to deliver unlock features such as Portfolio Pay TV Layouts, EPG/Mini Guide and Catch Up TV designed for your STB users
Content Customization Use Accedo Publish to dynamically change the layout of your components and content.
Regression Testing and Error Logging Ensure premium-grade performance and quality assurance with Accedo Assure & Accedo Detect
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