Customized Solutions For Pay TV
Bring The Excitement of OTT to Pay TV

Combine the choice, excitement, and innovation velocity of the OTT video experience with the control, management, and stability required by pay TV operators.

Reach New Audiences by Launching Branded Android TV Launcher Experiences

Leverage Studio Pay TV to extend set-top box video services to the Android TV Operator Tier ecosystem

Engage Existing Subscribers with a Middleware Independent UI Solution

Leverage existing set-top boxes to launch sophisticated HTML5 UI without middleware updates.

Dynamic UI across all platforms Use Accedo Studio Pay TV to deliver Live TV, EPG/Mini Guide, Catch Up TV, VOD, Search, Recommendations, and Apps to your STB users.
Easily Extend to the Android TV Operator Tier Embrace the dynamic and open Android TV ecosystem with Studio Pay TV while putting your content front and center in a custom set-top box user experience.
Manage Your Own Application Store Accedo Application Sphere addresses all business requirements for the deployment of a Video App Store on HTML5 and AOSP platforms, bringing interactivity to all platforms.
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