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 June 2013

Accedo Broadband and Outpost FX partner to bring High-Definition content to the IPTV and CE market

Stockholm – September 14, 2006 – Accedo Broadband, aggregator of TV-centric interactive applications distributed over broadband, and Outpost FX – Film and Broadcast Studios, a leading producer of PlasmaArt™ content have partnered to enable delivery of PlasmaArt™ on several IP platforms.

Accedo Broadband and Outpost FX are planning continuous collaboration in order to further strengthen the portfolio and integration of future content and services into the Accedo Application Portfolio™. The Accedo Application Portfolio™ is presently the largest available collection of interactive value added services such as PlasmaArt™, games, karaoke on demand, puzzles, horoscope, comics, quizzes for IPTV and connected consumer electronics.

“I am truly impressed with the quality and breadth of Outpost FX content portfolio of PlasmaArt™ themes. The fact that all content is based on 1080p HD format gives the possibility of excellent quality in both HD and SD format. We are very excited to offer the Outpost FX content as an integrated part in our applications, and look forward to work with them to bring out new HD concepts to the market”, says Fredrik Andersson, VP Business Development, Accedo Broadband.

Outpost FX´s portfolio of HD and SD PlasmaArt™ themes includes aquariums, shark tank, ocean, fireplaces and nature, available with a several different music and sound tracks. All of OutpostFX’s content has been created with the AVE™ technology, increasing the content quality level to the level required for High Definition DVD formats such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

“Accedo´s position within the IPTV and CE market and their role as a leading aggregator and distributor makes a compelling reason for us to partner with them. Together we can offer added value, and quickly adapt content to fit market needs and customer demand. We will continue to build on this partnership to add more HD content over time”, says Claes Dahlström.

The implementation of Outpost FX´s PlasmaArt™ themes in Accedo Application Portfolio is ready for commercial use, and shows how operators can easily add HD content as a part of their offering to earn new revenues and differentiate their offering.

About Outpost FX
Outpost FX is an independent high caliber media company based in Sweden. The core business started in 1989 and has over the years been transformed into various business areas as development and new technologies has become available. Outpost FX develops various entertainment products within the realm of the acclaimed quality assurance brand AVE™. The abbreviation stands for Audio Visual Experience and is practiced by adapting the very cutting edge of new technologies and exploring the potential within new digital media formats. Plasma Art® – AVE™ HD Series bares the mark of excellence preserved. A relentless quest of offering consumers digital art through various display devices says it all. Touching human senses with a balanced variety of choices that speaks directly to theheart and vibrates the soul. Plasma Art® is a registered trademark in over 25 countries. To learn more about Outpost FX visit

About Accedo Broadband
Accedo is a leading aggregator an distributor of interactive content and applications for IPTV and broadband enabled consumer electronics. Accedo provides the largest available multi-platform portfolio of TV-centric applications, Accedo Application Portfolio™, containing e.g. games, quizzes, puzzles, art, comics, karaoke and music.

Accedo offers a non-branded turnkey solution compatible with major IP set-top boxes and software platforms. Accedo offers a provisioning solution managed and run by Accedo which saves resources and reduces investment needs for the service provider.

To learn more about Accedo Broadband and how you can improve your IPTV business, please visit

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