Case Study – OSN Wavo

As the leading Pay TV operator in the Middle East and North Africa OSN has a reputation for innovating, engaging and delighting its subscribers. With the launch of the OSN Companion App, audience gain even greater value from their subscriptions.

Accedo One provides the OSN editorial and marketing teams with the autonomy and flexibility to promote and target content effectively to each of the diverse markets.

Enriched Viewing Experience – Attractive and intuitive companion application empowers OSN viewers to discover more content and get maximum benefit from their subscription

Reduced Churn – Engaging app with convenient features deepens relationships between OSN and its subscribers

Facilitates Innovation – Companion app is fundamental to OSN’s ground-breaking next-generation STB strategy

Simplifies Multi-Platform Operations – Accedo One solution gives OSN the autonomy to manage, configure and monitor apps across the full range of connected devices

“Accedo is well regarded as one of the leading developers in the industry. What helped the project go smoothly was that, from the outset, they understood the goals we were trying to achieve.”
Mark Billinge CTO, OSN