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 June 2013

Accedo and Oregan partner to bring interactive applications to consumer electronics

Accedo Broadband, a leading aggregator of TV-centric interactive gaming applications distributed over broadband, has partnered with Oregan Networks, the media browser company, to deliver Accedo’s product portfolio on Consumer Electronics and Consumer Premises Equipment. Oregan and Accedo are planning continuous collaboration on integration of compelling web-based entertainment applications.

Accedo Application Portfolio™, compatible with Oregan Media Browser, will be demonstrated at Consumer Electronics Show 2006.

“Oregan’s software solution bridges the gap between PC-based broadband entertainment and low-power Consumer Electronics. Oregan Media Browser’s web content rendering capabilities, including Macromedia® Flash® compatibility, Dynamic HTML, and SSL for secure transactions, will provide an outstanding platform for us to make large parts of the Accedo Application Portfolio™ available across a number of networked consumer devices”, says Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo Broadband.

The Accedo Application Portfolio™ is presently the largest multi-platform collection of games, quizzes, puzzles, karaoke, plasma art, horoscope and comics for IPTV and connected consumer electronics. Oregan’s standards-based software architecture provides the presentation mechanisms, business logic support and media playback for web-based applications, games, and audiovisual media.

“The Accedo Application Portfolio™ provides ‘sticky’, feature-rich arcade-style gaming applications, offering brand manufacturers and telco operators an easy-to-deploy platform for targeted online entertainment services. It is exciting to see the emergence of new applications and content like Accedo’s We feel positive that the growing broadband market shall enhance the entertainment functionalities of devices with more interactivity and personalisation”, says Milya Timergaleyeva, VP Marketing of Oregan Networks.

About Accedo Broadband
Accedo Broadband is a leading aggregator of content and applications for IPTV and broadband-enabled consumer electronics. Accedo provides the largest available multi-platform portfolio of TV-centric applications, Accedo Application Portfolio™, containing e.g. games, quizzes, puzzles, art, comics, karaoke and music. Accedo works globally, but is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Oregan Networks Ltd.
Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded software for convergent digital home entertainment devices. Oregan offers unique expertise in highly integrated media client solutions catering for IPTV, VOD and home network media distribution.

Oregan is privately owned, with headquarters in London, UK and branch offices in USA, Japan and Taiwan. Since incorporation in 1997, the company has positioned itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market, counting Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Philips Electronics amongst its customers.

Oregan participates in the UPnP® Forum and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), to ensure compliance with rigorous quality and consumer device interoperability standards.

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