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Onto new adventures: Products & Innovations!

 April 2015

Last week I officially switched departments, onto my third assignment in the trainee period, namely the Innovations Team within the Products Department! This means I am now leaving the Sales and Pre-sales activities behind and shift my focus towards new exciting technologies and business areas. The new assignment will involve researching basically anything that could strengthen, expand or change Accedo’s business, which is very exciting! In doing this, I will basically be switching position with Niklas, one of the other trainees, who will now move onto Pre-sales and Business Development.

The Products Department (which Innovations is a part of) will be my final stop in the trainee program, as I will be working full-time with this until the beginning of May, doing a 50/50 mix with Product Development during May-July and then full-time Product Development in the final month, which is August. This is a really nice mix for me, and I am really looking forward to getting back close to development.

Niklas taking his slippers and heading off to Pre-sales & Business Development.
Niklas taking his slippers and heading off to Pre-sales & Business Development.

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the topic for my first project in the Innovations Team just yet, but I will be spending the coming weeks on preparing a business case which I’ll present first for the CEO and then hopefully also for the Board of Directors if everything goes well!

Keep your fingers crossed, and perhaps you’ll see this project as the next big innovation coming out of Accedo!

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