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One more adventure

 July 2016

Hi, it’s Jiawei here, back with a short update.

Last week I finished my third trainee rotation in the Product InfraOps team, and I would like to say that it was an unforgettable journey. During this rotation, I gained a lot of knowledge about cutting edge technologies such as AWS, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes and so on. I am sure this knowledge will benefit both the company and me in the future.

I recently started another adventure in Accedo; I joined the QA team, which will be my last rotation in the trainee program. I will spend two months in QA to help them improve their test automation tool – QBOTS. To be specific, I will be working on implementing the QBOTS Admin UI, which is a web-based tool to manage and run test suites in the QBOTS environment. We are going to deprecate the old UI and implement a new one with modern design and technologies. Personally, I am very happy and excited to get the opportunity to build something from scratch. I also get the freedom to choose a technical stack (frameworks) that I like to use and to learn. I am fully trusted by the company, which makes me feel really great. In addition, I think it is not only a chance to learn something new, but also an examination of my old knowledge gained in the previous rotations. I am pretty sure the experience from my other rotations will benefit me and this project a lot. Since it is a new implementation of the UI, it will also have a new design. Thus, I will work with designers to figure out a good design from both UX and Technology perspectives. It is also very beneficial for me to understand how the designers think when they create a new system. I am a person who cares not only about technology but also about user experience too. I believe I am the best match for this project.

Have a nice weekend! Enjoy the rest of the Summer in Sweden!

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