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One Cloud Platform to deliver the best video experiences

 September 2017

Most of our customers and partners know Accedo as a company with expertise in developing and maintaining video experiences across any devices. Some of our customers are enhancing those video experiences with some of our award winning cloud products. Others work with us to deliver new innovative functionality which we haven’t rolled out widely. Meanwhile, we’ve continued to grow the company to more than 500 great team members over the world. I’m acutely aware that we need to be better at explaining all the great things we have in our portfolio primarily externally but also internally to the wider Accedo team.

With our 2016 merger with Digiflare we added additional products into our portfolio and it was obvious that we needed to improve our characterisation of the products and adapt the offering to the market demand. First, we needed to simplify for customers with a great way to find and use all different product components from Accedo. Second, many of our products have been created for Tier 1 requirements, with rich functionality and very high SLAs and we have discovered that many of our smaller customers require simpler products which can scale from a functionality perspective with their growth. And finally, we needed a home for many of the great innovations our product team has worked with over the past year.

Enter Accedo One. I’m extremely excited that our talented product team have succeeded to create an extendable and modularised cloud platform to solve many different needs from customers. In addition, I’m thrilled about the extensibility, which will allow us to continue to innovate on directly value-added features instead of spending time on the cloud platform overhead. We’ll continue the Accedo tradition of launching new products when we see clear market demand and we now have the best possible platform home for those products.

Our vision has been to be able to provide a “cloud toolbox” to our customers. We know that some of our customers have a tradition of building a lot of features and functions in-house and others want to license off the shelf products. Accedo One should have something for everyone. Internal teams who want to tap into selected features and functions are equally served as customers who want a platform to run the entire video experience on. We believe this customer-centric approach is unique in the industry and will strengthen both Accedo and our customers over time.

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