OTT UX comes to Pay TV

Customizable white-label UX platform
brings the hallmarks of OTT UX to pay TV

• Compelling web-like UI

• Personalisation

• Innovation velocity

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The choice, excitement, personalization, and innovation velocity of the OTT user experience

The control, management, and stability required by pay TV operators

The convenience of customizability and flexibility demanded by the market

For Cable, IPTV, Satellite, OTT Operators

  • Program Guide

  • VOD Storefront
  • PVR Menu
  • OTT App Portal
  • Recommendations
  • Connected Home Interface

  • Online and Offline Modes Supported

Fully Customizable White Label Solution

  • Total Customization
  • Integrate any third party ecosystem
  • Product Roadmap
  • Low-Risk Delivery

Modular UI Client Architecture

  • HTML5 and Android Clients
  • Modular Upgradability
  • Supports Flexible Customer
  • Roadmaps

Cloud Power & Control

  • Dynamic Asset & Configuration with Accedo AppGrid
  • Accedo Application Sphere OTT App Backoffice

Customizable TV UX Solution

Leveraging Accedo’s decade of industry-leading experience in the development and management of OTT apps, navAgility is a customizable white-label integrated TV UX platform – architected to meet the unique needs of IPTV, cable, satellite, and OTT pay TV operators and other distributors of managed video devices in the current volatile market.

Combining the power and control of Accedo’s cloud backoffice products with innovative modular clients, navAgility provides pay TV operators with the UX solution needed to compete in today’s challenging environment, and supports modular upgrades for the agility to remain competitive tomorrow.

Customization and Industry Fragmentation

The navAgility platform includes support for HTML5 and Android environments. The modular client code architecture supports efficient upgrades, meets operator customization requirements, and accommodates the sub-system diversity characteristic of the television industry ecosystem – all while providing the economies of scale, low-risk delivery, and the roadmap of a customizable white label solution.

Operational Management & Control from the Cloud

As the OTT world has discovered, service velocity and personalized user experiences are only the beginning: for a premium TV service to be sustainable, it also must be stable and manageable. navAgility leverages Accedo’s award-winning AppGrid dynamic app management backoffice to provide ongoing management from an intuitive web administrative console.

Incorporating OTT Apps into the Pay TV Service

In addition to adopting new UX technologies, pay TV operators are increasingly including OTT apps on the set-top box itself, creating another set of challenges not unlike those of managing an app store. navAgility provides the required management of search and discovery APIs, provisioning, business rules, app metadata and app life cycles through Accedo’s industry-leading Application Sphere app store backoffice.

Under the Hood

Accedo’s award-winning AppGrid dynamic app management solution anchors the navAgility backend.

navAgiilty leverages Accedo Application Sphere for a best-in-class backoffice for managing third party OTT apps.

Native Android client for Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Android TV set-top box and stick stacks.

Modular JavaScript client based on innovative framework for HTML5 environments.