NAB Show 2018 Review: Personalizing The Video Experience With AR, AI and Voice

This year's NAB Show took on special significance for us at Accedo, with the debut of three ‘showstopper' concepts that hyper-personalize the video experience.

AR: Creating A“Bird’s Eye View” For Long-Distance Sports Fans

Our Augmented Reality (AR) concept for live, long-distance, broadcast sports events, provides fans with a truly personalised, engaging second-screen TV experience. By creating a ‘bird’s eye view’ of a large physical area we placed an interactive overview with real-time updates in the viewer’s physical space using a tablet or mobile phone. Read more.

AI: Harnessing The Power of Emotional Triggers

When consumers browse content in any video service, the program artwork is the main factor in what they choose to watch. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have developed an AI concept that harnesses emotional triggers, to dynamically create, test, and adapt artwork depending on a viewer’s preference. Read more.

Putting Down The Remote: TV Through Google and Alexa

Accedo is revolutionizing the TV industry by expanding the realm of a powerful, intangible new interface: voice. Through initiatives that will open new pathways of content discovery and consumption, an exploration into this brave new world introduces a whole new level of convenience, ease of use, accessibility, and delight. We are developing technology around that could connect voice assistant devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa to any of our video applications on any given platform.  Read more

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