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Life at Accedo

 November 2015

Hi, Jiawei is here again. As I mentioned in my previous post, I just started my career in Accedo, which means I am doing my first job in my life. Actually, it is more than the “first job”. It is also the first time I work in a country with very different cultures from China. I would like to talk about my daily life in Accedo this week.

I usually come to the office around 9 o-clock in the morning. At 9:15, I will have a scrum stand-up meeting. It is a short meeting for team members to discuss where we are and what’s in our way every day.  It is part of the agile software development process. To be honest, when I first came here in September, I have known nothing about it, but now I am getting used to it, and enjoy it.

After the daily meeting, I will start to work on my own task. We have a very professional tool that supports the daily workflow. So, the product owner (project manager) and scrum master (team leader) can easily know the progress of the work planned before starting a sprint. Thus, we are able to have a good time control about what we can deliver in a certain time period. All the tasks are prioritised by importance.

I have made much progress in learning the software development technologies. When I came here in September, I knew Java, but I didn’t know Java 8, I knew CSS, but I didn’t know CSS3, I knew HTML, but I didn’t know HTML5. I believe that’s the very common case for new graduates, since in the university, we always learn a lot of basic concepts and we never work on the real product and we have no way to gain experience on the latest features in many different kinds of technologies. Now, 100 days has passed, I am able to write lambda expression  with stream API, with Java; I am able to write complex directives with the isolated scope with AngularJS; I am able to use Bootstrap to layout and style the template. If you are curious about these technologies, you can click on the link to get more details. If you want to be a web developer, why not start to learn now?

Once I finish my task, I always do pair code reviewing. It is a good approach to ensure the code quality while programming. While in the university, we mostly did our assignments by ourselves or in a very small team. We rarely cared about code quality much. In the company, we want to provide high-quality service to customers, so we cannot be too careful to do the code reviewing.

At noon, mostly, I have lunch with other team members. Thanks to them, I have tried a lot of different kinds of food I have not tried before. Maybe in the future I will write a post only about food :)?

Although I have been in Sweden for nearly 4 years, there are a lot of things I would like to know, I will keep learning. Recently, I am planning to start to learn Swedish. I want to try a very easy-to-do plan. Learn one sentence per day, and speak it to my colleagues (hoping they will not hate me). It is not a complex plan, but I need to stick to it. Hopefully, I can introduce myself again in Swedish in a future post.

After 8 hours work, I will go back to my apartment around 6 P.M. Usually, I make supper by myself. After 4 year practising in Sweden (I never cook before I came here), now I can cook lots of traditional Chinese dishes. For example, Shui Zhu Fish (Sichuan Food).


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