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Learning never ends

 November 2015

Hi, Jiawei again! Two months have passed since I joined Accedo’s trainee program. I have learned a lot of cutting edge technologies that I have not come into contact with as a student. For instance, two months ago, I knew nothing about AngularJS (Javascript is reeeaaally the key language in the web industry), and now I am able to write a complex directive by myself. During these two months, I have made a huge progress in my technical knowledge and I am feeling more and more confident with my work in Product Department as a software developer.

As mentioned in Gustav’s post last week, we recently did a Myers-Briggs personality test, to get to know ourselves a little better. The outcome of the test can also be used to measure one’s compatibility for a specific kind of job. After the test, I had a meeting with my mentor. We talked about my result and he shared his result with me, which enabled us to get to know each other better. We also made an attempt to match my test result with those typical for a software programmer. We got a really interesting result. Can you guess the level of compatibility? 80%? No! 90%? No! 100%!! LOL What an Amazing result! We were both very surprised. It seems I was born to be a Programmer O(∩_∩)O~~.

Cool Picture: Jiawei is Programming!!

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