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Last but not least – I’m Oscar and rearing to go!

 September 2015

Last but not least, I’m Oscar Hallström. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. Some fun facts about me are that I love cooking – and to be honest, I am a a bit of a foodie. I am also a big sports fan and an occasional guitar player, although less and less frequently nowadays. My academic background is a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping University and as Gustav mentioned in his most recent post, this is not an uncommon Accedo theme as there are several Linköping Alumnis in the Stockholm office. It almost goes without saying, that is how I too first heard of the the company. I worked with a few ex Accedo trainees on a project and therefore they were top of mind when I started to consider where to do my master’s thesis. Having successfully completed my thesis, applying for a trainee role was a natural step. Being at Accedo during this time, I quickly learned that employee-initiatives are highly encouraged and that a lot of responsibility is given from day one, which is something I found very compelling.

Although the topic of my thesis was knowledge sharing in a fast growing company, my main role as a trainee will be as a software developer. On the other hand, as a trainee, I am one of few in the company who will truly experience how different departments and functions work in silos and in collaboration, which really puts my thesis topic into practice! As a trainee I hope to learn a lot about both our industry and Accedo, working with some of the latest technologies and some really cool products! I am a big fan of web development and it’s amazing to see how javascript has matured over the last couple of years , and this is something I would like to work with more. Coming fresh out of university, I also hope to learn more about the art of software development which is quite different from hacking away at home just for the fun of it.

This is how excited I was about going to IBC!
This is how excited I was about going to IBC!

My first assignment was to represent Accedo at the IBC conference in Amsterdam, which is one of the bigger events in the industry. Now back on Swedish territory I will join the Professional Services department working on a customer project.

You’ll hear more from me very soon!

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