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Why The Key to Successfully Delivering Live and VOD Sports is a Personalised UX

Why The Key to Successfully Delivering Live and VOD Sports is a Personalised UX

José Somolinos, Innovation Strategist, Accedo
 November 2018

By José Somolinos, Innovation Strategist, Accedo

Sports content is, however, a diverse kettle of fish. On the one hand, we have popular, more generic sports like football. But we also have niche sports, entertaining an equally as diverse audience, such as ping pong or snowboarding. What this means is that every sports viewer is different and will want to consume and engage with their chosen sports content in different ways.

For content providers, this makes it difficult to push one user experience to cater to all viewers depending on their chosen sport. As a result, it’s now necessary for content providers to be able to enhance and provide user experiences to suit all.

So what is the key to this?

1. Personalisation

2. Secondary content

3. Adaptability


In OTT movies and TV shows, there is a pretty standard way of organising and presenting content. The way users navigate OTT sports services, on the other hand, entirely depends on the type of sport being viewed. There are long distance sports, such as marathon running, and sports such as American football, which features many stops and starts.

Then there’s more granular information like users’ favourite teams and athletes: a fan of Manchester United football team is unlikely to appreciate content featuring Manchester City. OTT applications therefore need to be able to display content tagged with the user’s favourite team prominently, but also push generic, curated sections periodically too.

Secondary content

To increase opportunities to monetise content, but also to provide value to viewers, it makes sense to provide additional, non-live content within the OTT packages. This still needs to be personalised to the user, however, and its consumption will once again depend on what sport the viewer prefers. For example, in football, the fan may want to watch a press conference ahead of a game with the team’s coach. After the game, it’s unlikely the viewer will want to watch this, and would prefer to watch the highlights instead. Providing personalised secondary content not only boosts engagement, but also loyalty in an OTT service.


Perhaps the most important thing for any OTT sports provider is the ability to adapt the layout and structure of the application at any time. Accedo’s productised solutions make this possible, by providing the ability to build bespoke, customisable applications. We have lowered the cost of entry for many content providers, making it entirely more viable to provide dedicated applications for sports, and indeed many other verticals. Just get in touch if you would like to know more.

This blog post is a synopsis of an article by José Somolinos in Videonet. Read it in full here.

Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash.

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