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I/O and A.I.

 May 2016


It has been a really interesting week for all techies out there who are interested (aren’t we all?) in the latest and greatest from Google. This week the three day Google I/O conference is taking place at Google headquarters, in Mountain View, California. The conference kicked off with Google’s annual keynote; announcing a ton of interesting upcoming stuff they have been working on during the past year. I watched the keynote together with some of my colleagues, accompanied by a couple and beers and some food, which made it quite a nice night!

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening within Android as well as within the areas of VR and A.I. Finally multi-tasking is coming to Android! Split screen with two apps running simultaneously is something that has been lacking in the Android experience. This together with the new app switcher (similar to ALT/CMD + TAB) and the Clear All functionality makes for small but nice additions that I know I’ll be using on a daily basis. A common theme throughout the whole keynote was Google’s impressive data collection and analysis and how they can put this to use. The new Google Assistant is smarter than ever and is integrated into Google Home and the new messaging app Allo, both of which were announced at the event. Last but not least the rate at which A.I and machine learning is evolving is frankly quite scary (my thoughts can’t help but go to Skynet)! I won’t go through the whole keynote but If you missed it I recommend you to read a summary here.

Luckily for me, keeping track of the latest technologies at Google and Android isn’t just a personal interest, it also impact some of the work I’m currently doing within the support team at the moment. Staying up to date with the latest software and platforms is crucial for us to provide this service to our customers as we always want the apps and services we provide to be successful long after they have been launched. This means that we need to be proactive in a lot of areas including making sure everything is future safe and give our clients a heads up if it’s not.

That’s all for me this time, have a great weekend!


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