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 June 2013

Accedo Broadband and IntAct Software partner to bring revenue generating services to the IPTV market

IBC, Amsterdam – September 6, 2006 – Accedo Broadband (Accedo), a leading aggregator of TV-centric applications distributed over broadband, and IntAct Software Limited (IntAct) today announced the availability of Accedo’s range of TV-centric applications for set-top boxes powered by the IntActTM IPTV software stack.

The Accedo Application Portfolio™ is presently the largest available collection of interactive value-added services such as games, karaoke on demand, weather, puzzles, horoscope, comics, quizzes and PlasmaArt™ for IPTV.

The IntAct IPTV software stack provides IPTV operators and set top box vendors with a standard platform for IPTV applications, middleware and conditional access systems, and is deployed on over 700,000 IP set-top boxes world-wide.

Under the collaboration agreed between the two companies, the complete Accedo Application Portfolio™ will be available to IPTV service providers for all devices powered by the IntAct IPTV software stack – including the AmiNETTM range from Amino Communications Ltd – providing them with further opportunities to differentiate their IPTV solution and create additional revenue streams.

“IntAct’s market-proven IPTV solution is the most deployed in the world. We are therefore excited to start offering the Accedo Application Portfolio™ to IntAct’s customers in the IPTV space”, said Fredrik Andersson, VP Business Development of Accedo Broadband. “Together, we will offer service providers the opportunity to purchase a pre-integrated and tested white label solution for interactive applications. This will enable service providers to focus on core issues, help them to generate additional profits and distinguish themselves from the competition.”

“The successful integration of Accedo Application Portfolio™ with our solutions strengthens the appeal of our joint offering to Telcos, providing them with further opportunities to differentiate their IPTV solution and create additional revenue streams.” Says Karthik Ranjan, VP Sales & Marketing, IntAct Software Limited.

The Accedo Application Portfolio™ is ready for commercial use on all set top boxes powered by the IntAct IPTV Client, and can be licensed from Accedo Broadband. The IntAct IPTV Client is available for license from IntAct Software Limited.

During IBC, the Accedo Application Portfolio will be on show by prior arrangement at the IntAct Software demonstration suite. Please contact David Cormie, IntAct, or Fredrik Andersson, Accedo Broadband, for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

About IntAct Software Limited
IntAct Software Limited develops and licenses software and hardware technology for broadband connected devices and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Amino Technologies plc group of companies. Products include the IntActTM IPTV software stack, and advanced multi-standard video and audio decoder software. Use of the IntAct IPTV software stack provides IPTV service operators with a standard unified platform for IPTV applications and middleware enabling operators to reduce capex costs by sourcing hardware from multiple IntAct compliant set-top box vendors, and reducing opex costs by relying on one company for the software stack to run on multiple hardware platforms. IntAct software products are licensed to IPTV service providers and manufacturers of IPTV set top boxes, and power the AmiNET range of set-top box products from Amino Communications Limited. The IntAct IPTV software stack supports the widest range of IPTV industry middleware and CA systems and has been ported to leading set-top box architectures. It is used in over 50 countries worldwide, with approximately 700,000 IntAct enabled set-top boxes used by more than 500 companies in commercial deployments and trials. To learn more about IntAct Software, visit

About Accedo Broadband
Accedo is a leading aggregator of interactive content and applications for IPTV and broadband enabled consumer electronics. Accedo provides the largest available multi-platform portfolio of TV-centric applications, Accedo Application Portfolio™, containing e.g. games, quizzes, puzzles, art, comics, karaoke and music.

Accedo offers a non-branded turnkey solution compatible with several IP set-top boxes including a provisioning solution managed and run by Accedo which saves resources and reduces investment needs for the service provider. To learn more about Accedo Broadband and how you can improve your IPTV business, please visit

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