Insight.TV On LG TV – Bringing The Ultimate High-Octane Sports Experience To The Living Room

This week announced the impending launch of its breathtaking 4K HDR sports service onto LG TV.

Available in various languages, with support for HLG or HDR10 formats, the Accedo team has worked closely with Insight.TV to create an engaging yet intuitive 4K UHD TV experience, with availability to follow on more consumer devices in the very near future.

With 50 hours of HDR content live ready to air, LG TV owners around the globe will benefit from the two companies’ collaboration and will be able to enjoy Insight TV’s latest content in native 4K HDR content in various languages, with support for HLG or HDR10 formats.  “Accedo understands our business and has been a great partner in helping us navigate the intricate and technical details around 4K UHD playback and building a fantastic user experience on LG TVs,”  said Arun Maljaars, Director Content & Channels, Insight TV. “We are excited about working together to extend the service across other platforms and grow our audience and audience engagement even further,’ he adds.

“Insight.TV is hugely engaging and tremendous  fun to watch. In 4K UHD the experience is breathtaking. We have enjoyed working with Inisght TV to  create this video experience, and enabling Insight’s existing market and future viewers to watch some of the most captivating content  in the comfort of their own homes and on more devices. We are looking forward to the next chapter as we work together to extend the Insight TV brand even further.” says Adam Nightingale, SVP International

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