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IBC 2016 – Impressions and Conclusions

 October 2016

A trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of September each year has been booked in my calendar for the past 12 years since we founded Accedo. IBC is an unparalleled opportunity to meet the industry, and ascertain the necessary impressions from customers and partners alike in order to draw strategic conclusions for our future direction.

Overall, I’m pleased with the great reception our offering received from customers and media, as well as the two accolades awarded (one for  Accedo Cream™ and the other, together with Brightcove, for OTT Flow), both of which gave us additional value from the show. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

The industry is clearly at an inflexion point. We have over the past 3-4 years been in a multiscreen early expansion phase, where time-to-market has been really important. Many customers are now preparing for a second generation service, and many have realized that despite the rapid growth of mobile services, the big screen as a focus point for video consumption is not dead. We’re also seeing a level of desperation from larger traditional TV distribution companies that are investing a lot to position themselves towards the new industry. Short term, this increases the competition and causes confusion from customers who don’t understand which vendors provide which part of the distribution chain. Long term, it’s a healthy development that will lead to a maturity in offerings and less of a ‘Wild West’ mentality from vendors who claim too much and deliver too little.

From an Accedo point of view, we’re leaders in delivering a true dynamic UX offering, and I believe that our global coverage and platform expertise is unparalleled in the market. We will continue to drive innovation on our own and together with partners and customers to stay ahead of competition.

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