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I now realise, I went to school to learn how to learn.

 October 2015

Hej hej!

One month into working life, I thought I’d share a few things I really wish I’d known while I was still at school. Having studied 5 years at university I was finally ready to put my knowledge into practice, but worklife has put “knowledge” in a whole new context.

When I started University, as most, I really didn’t have a clue about what I’d want to be doing 5 years later. Throughout the years I developed a strong passion for solving problems through programming, and once I started to think about my career options I was already sure I wanted to start working with development, and especially web technologies. But was my knowledge base sufficient?

My Academic background is slightly different from most people at Accedo. At university I studied Industrial Engineering & Management, which means I could have gone through university without writing a single line of code! (This is not entirely true, during my first year at university we had an introductory course in programming, which really caught my attention.)

Through some off campus engagements I started playing around with different web technologies, but it wasn’t until the third year that we had to choose a technical specialisation. I my case it was obvious – computer science.

But basically, this summarises my experience of programming, and before joining Accedo I was concerned, would this be enough?

However I am beginning to realise, nobody is going to ask me about anything I learned during a specific term or exam at University. I’ve discovered that the most important thing I learned at university, is how to learn. Of course you need to have a basic understanding about the technologies you are using, but most of the time, it is about working creatively to solve new problems, putting together the right constellation of people and being prepared to try, fail and learn. Basically, as long as you are passionate about what you do and are eager to improve your skills, you are probably good to go.

Move in progress!
Move in progress!

One final note – today is our last day in this office, as we are moving to a brand new location in central Stockholm! More on that in a later post, now I’d better go back to packing!


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