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I couldn’t possibly be a specialist – or could I?

 March 2016


Oscar here, back with another update. This time I’m looking ahead, not only to Easter, but also my next trainee period! Starting in April, I’ll be the product specialist for our VIA Go product – the very same product that I have been developing for the last three months. In this role, I’ll be the bridge between the team developing the product and our sales organisation, whose responsibility is to match our products to our customers needs.

At first, I was somewhat hesitant as to how I would be able to cope with this big new role. A specialist, me? I’m just a trainee, what could I possibly know that makes me a specialist? But then it hit me – few people would fit the bill better than me. I’ve worked with this product intensely during the last couple of months. This means that if anybody would ask about a new feature – there is quite a chance that I was the one who built it! So really, I should know what can and can’t be done. So in the end, the transition to this role will be quite seamless.

The point of this point is not to brag too much about myself (I hope you’re still reading), but rather to show you how all the pieces of the trainee year are coming together. It’s easy to think that all these short term assignments would make it difficult to specialise. But if you think about it again, all these different assignments can really build upon each other to help you create your own career path.

That being said, go in and apply for this year’s trainee program by March 27!


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