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How I landed my trainee position at Accedo

 February 2015

I’m back! Today I will be talking a little bit about how I ended up where I am now in my trainee position at Accedo in Stockholm. But in order to do so, I have to roll back the tape as they say; starting with the thesis work I did in 2014.

In the autumn of 2013, I sat with Niklas Lavrell (my thesis co-worker, and now also a part of the trainee program here at Accedo) in his apartment back in Linköping discussing how in the world we would come up with something as big as an idea for what to do as a thesis work. After much consideration as to what approach to take, we ended up in a discussion on what technology in our immediate surrounding worked badly or felt outdated (according to our own standards).

Quite soon, we realized that we both shared a passion for TV, movies and video content in general. This topic eventually bottomed out to the interaction between the so-called “big screen” and the end-user (historically speaking: him/her using the remote to control a TV).  We both felt that this type of interaction could be improved and started looking for new technologies that could take this to the next level. Reading up on the Google Chromecast and feeling that that was an unexplored area for most, we started looking for a potential company that could be interested in such a thesis work. Scouring LinkedIn for people working in the streaming/broadcasting industry, we literarily stumbled upon the doorstep of Accedo. A couple of rounds of email discussions and Skype sessions later, and the foundation for our thesis work on integrating Google Chromecast and the DIAL protocol into one of Accedo’s cloud-based products for cross-platform messaging was laid.

During the thesis work, apart from all the standard thesis work activities, we got the opportunity to work with people across the globe, playing a role in the development of the product we were investigating, travelled to meet both Google for the Chromecast Code Labs in London (see the picture (sorry for the bad quality)), as well as meeting Samsung for a developer day prior to their announcement of the new Samsung Multiscreen SDK (Software Development Kit).

Google Chromecast Code Lab 2014. From the left: Hoi Lam (Google), myself, Paul Carff (Google), Kevin Nilson (Google), Niklas Lavrell (Accedo), Mikael Andersson (Former Accedo, now at Spotify). Bottom: Krispy Uccello (Google)
Google Chromecast Code Lab 2014. From the left: Hoi Lam (Google), myself, Paul Carff (Google), Kevin Nilson (Google), Niklas Lavrell (Accedo), Mikael Andersson (Former Accedo, now at Spotify). Bottom: Krispy Uccello (Google)

Working this closely to the highly skilled and interesting people at Accedo and the cool things they were doing, we realized at the end of the thesis work that we’d really like to continue our work there somehow. Starting a discussion with the seniors in our department, we quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to try a bit of everything that Accedo were doing, and apparently the management team had brewed on initiating a trainee program for quite a while.  As with the outlining of the thesis work, discussions were held on overall goals of the program, important milestones and phases, educational activities, travels and the mentorship program. With the contract signing done shortly after most of it was in place, we both became the first trainee’s at Accedo (later accompanied by Nicholas Nannoni from France).

The rest is as they say, history.

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